Blood Vessel Surgery

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Blood Vessel Surgery Office-Call Services

Blood vessel surgery deals with vascular diseases, prevention of complications and endovascularor surgical treatment. Atherosclerosis, commonly called “hardening of the arteries is the most common problem for vascular surgeons.

It is the condition can have serious consequences and affects virtually every artery withinthe body, including stroke and heart disease. Atherosclerosis is a very serious disease. Beforebeing distributed to the rest of the body, blood travels through the aorta, since it is the mainhighway for blood exiting the heart. Atherosclerosis can cause a potentially life-threatening weakening of the aortic wall - an aneurysm.

Modern diagnostics in medical multi-field institutions play an important role in treatment andprevention of atherosclerosis. An opportunity to select optimal treatment method for every patientis ensured due to the doctor competence and examination technologies of the latest generation.Vascular surgeons cooperate with cardiologists, invasive radiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists andendocrinologists to optimize surgery results and reduce surgery risk. By repairing the aorta and restoringnormal blood flow, the vascular surgeon can reduce the risk of aneurysm. Vascular surgeons provide 24 hoursa day emergency assistance in cases of blood vessel injuries as well as to patients with acute vascular diseases.